How To Pivot Bookkeeping and Accounting Operations? Coping Post Covid 19

Posted on 27, November 2021

How To Pivot Bookkeeping and Accounting Operations? Coping Post Covid 19
The widespread of coronavirus around the globe has significantly impacted the economy and almost all the business sectors resulting in a temporary decline in revenues. The businesses that do not cater to this situation are likely to put themselves at risk. But we all know the fact that whenever there is change, there is an opportunity to rise and make the most out of that change. One of the biggest advantages that organizations can avail themselves of from the change is that they can fix those areas of business or operations that never got their attention which conveniently involves the operations of accounting and bookkeeping. Many resourceful accounting pivots can surely help an organization to emerge from the current crisis stronger and better than before. As the businesses have now transitioned into the post lockdown situation and economy, there will indeed be short or medium-term barriers and challenges that need to address. All you require is to ensure the fact that the essential accounting processes are operational within the upcoming virtual environment to initiate a strong and impactful start. Following are some pivotal and resourceful tips and techniques to maintain the financial well-being of your organization:

Update Your Bookkeeping into the Cloud

It is the need of the hour in the year 2021 for every small, medium-sized or large organization to update its bookkeeping and accounting system on cloud-based accounting systems. There are many resourceful applications such as QuickBooks Online, Xero, Zoho, Sage, and much more that offer complete functionality and inventive features that are required by accounting software to proceed with the tasks effectively within a secure and hassle-free environment and offer remote access to the required users. To offer required users secure and convenient access all you require is setting up a unique user ID using the email address and then setting up the level of access to the system. It will not require any remote desktop connection or VPN to be configured. It will not require any software installation on any user's personal computer or desktop. Also, no large data file will be required to be emailed or transferred securely to any external user. However, the required user can be easily given access from anywhere around the world just by using login and password. The software also offers a two-factor authentication option for additional security to avail. Due to Covid19, many organizations have allowed the employees to work remotely to avoid one-to-one interaction, the use of desktop software has become quite hard for the concerned accountants and also the IT staff that has to be in office as supporting staff for the accountants. To cater to this issue, cloud-based accounting software is there to let accounting staff work from their homes quite conveniently which will truly increase the efficiency of accounting operations as well as the business processes overall.

Acknowledging Automation of Work Processes in Accounting 

Another fundamental aspect of why people should use cloud-based accounting software is that they can be easily linked together via the cloud while eliminating the need of transferring the data from one system to another through e-mail. All the innovative and technology-oriented accounting software have in-built electronic interfaces that are easily linked to the banking systems. It has efficiently erased the need to reconcile the paper-based banking statements that were being done previously. Furthermore, the added benefit of this inventive accounting software is that it can seamlessly be connected to various other applications that utilize artificial intelligence techniques to generate invoices and various expense receipts from the PDF formats and also from photographs. This automated and technology-based accounting software is also designed in a way that organizations can comfortably pay their employees and vendors via electronic medium saving their money, time, effort altogether. It also undergoes an electronic approval medium where it needs to be approved via a smart device along with a web browser to ensure the level of security. This convenient payment process has proved to be highly resourceful during the pandemic as it minimizes exposure to physical interactions. It will not require any paper invoice to be handled or key punched into the system or no paper-based document approval will be required by the staff which will not only reduce the extra effort but will allow your staff to be more productive and efficient regarding other important work processes.

Keeping an Eye on Business Financial Health

The opportunity that came with the pandemic can prove fruitful for the people that are looking for quality time and space to look at important matters such as the financial health of their business quite keenly. The opportunity has allowed them to undergo in-depth thinking and decide what needs to be done and what steps and procedures are required to enhance the overall stability of the business. The important actions that need to be taken to make your business prepared and equipped with the necessary tools and resources required to overcome the turbulence of working in a new business environment post covid 19. Specifically in conditions like these CFO's of the business are the fundamental aspect and forefront when it comes to dealing with the strategic decision making of the business allowing the accounting as well as finance teams of the company to show self-sufficiency and leadership skills to make the ship steer and steady. As for many businesses, the time is not to afford any unnecessary expenditure but to ensure the stability of the financial health of the firm.

Outsource Bookkeeping to Improve Efficiency

Having accounting systems in a cloud-based format, outsourcing some part of your bookkeeping or accounting system is indeed a great way to eliminate the risk of inefficiency, increased cost, and also it can truly decrease the risk factor of incompetency allowing you a great amount of time to focus on other key areas of the business. Since the accounting software has moved to the cloud-based system the whole environment of the cloud-based outsourced accounting platform has been evolved significantly. Various accounting firms are also leveraging the same advantages that come with cloud-based accounting services. The technical experts of the field having complete know-how of how to keep the accounting system running effectively and smoothly are the new fashion of the business. Cloud bookkeeping is a new and innovative platform where the service provider is efficient enough to easily maintain the records of your business while working remotely allowing you to eliminate the cost of appointing someone else onsite. Another quite resourceful option to avail is the platform to avail full cloud accounting solution. Here you will not just avail yourself the basic bookkeeping, but you will enjoy the benefit of having an entire team of technical experts including CFO's and VAT experts. These professional experts will not only ensure the fact that the accounting operations of your business are accounted for but also offer the relevant guidance and advice required to improve the overall productivity of your business within the related industry. 
During the times of Covid19, the outsourced cloud-based accountings services are playing a huge role in improving the efficiency of businesses by providing the key benefits. As these are designed to offer services remotely from anywhere offering remote access to the data, initiating communication via email, video calls, and text messages the businesses can have access to the virtual team of accountants present anywhere around the world.

Wrapping Up!

For businesses finding the right work strategy while returning to the work will not be that easy, However, tapping up your resourceful team and incorporating new and innovative tools and strategies within your business processes will surely allow you to achieve the right kind of start you are aiming for. The businesses adapting to new working procedures and technologies are likely to have a greater chance of gaining stability and consistent performance within a shorter period.

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