Due Diligence Audit

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Due diligence is the review or investigation of the facts under consideration. Being professional consultants, VA performs the due diligence by applying the international standards, practices industry benchmarks and historical financial information of the entity under consideration. The fact finding and review of the information under consideration is performed simultaneously so that the corroborated effect can also be incorporated to reach at a conclusion widely supported by the work performed.
The conclusion drawn is reassessed for improvements at different levels of VA expert’s hierarchy to ensure that it is accepted to the parties under contract seeking VA’s professional opinion on the subject matter. The main consideration for VA under due diligence exercise is compliance with laws and regulations, professional ethical standards, and expectations of the parties under the contract.
We assist our client’s in performing due diligence exercise to obtain maximum assurance that the transactions which they are entering in to will not be an onerous contract and their interests will be well protected after performance of the exercise by VA professionals. Our professionals have experience of performing due diligence in various industries and are well equipped with the knowledge and professional experience required to perform the exercise. We guarantee our clients timely deliverables and quality in everything we do irrespective of the hard circumstances and limitations of the industry.


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