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The idea of providing support services at Virtual Accountants LLC (VA) was derived from our approach of simplifying the complex matters presented to us, where we have noticed that entities need support in their routine matters and daily activities to achieve their objectives. We, in turn, ensures that all the tasks performed for our clients are performed with maximum efficiency and optimum utilization of resources. Our support services are delivered by professionals and are error free. Timely delivery and problem-solving approach at VA, is what differentiate us from our competitors.
Our data entry and payroll services are aimed at decreasing the clerical burden of the SME’s executives to focus on their prime tasks and to leave the laborious tasks to our professionals for handling them more efficiently at very less cost. The receivables management service has been offered to consistently monitor entity’s cashflows and to avoid the halt due to non-payments by our client’s customers. Our rigorous follow ups and professional approach plays the key role in recovering our client’s customer balances and keeping the cash flows intact.