Fraud Examination

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“ACFE research shows that organizations with CFEs on staff uncover frauds 50 percent sooner and have losses 55 percent lower”. 
The above statement from fraud examination body indicates how important it is for an entity to either employ a fraud examiner (cost ineffective approach) or outsource the fraud examination activity to experts (Cost effective approach) to avoid losses and to secure itself from forecasted losses due to fraud by acting proactively. 
At Virtual Accountants LLC (VA), our Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE’s) provide Fraud Examination service with an objective to detect fraud at its preliminary stages by applying our examination procedures aimed at detecting the loop holes in entities fraud prevention controls and to fill the gaps by suggesting the best practices in order to save the entity from exploitation by fraud makers. Fraud may be conducted by individuals inside or outside of the entity when opportunities are provided to them. Our experts scan for the opportunities within entity’s operations, policies, procedures, and practices and advise the best possible and cost-effective solutions to our clients.