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UAE has implemented Value Added Tax (VAT) in the year 2018 under which it is required that all businesses providing taxable supplies above the mandatory threshold of AED 375,000 are required to register with Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and starts charging VAT@ 5% from their customers, which after adjusting with input tax is required to be paid to FTA via quarterly filing of VAT returns.
The mandatory registration and quarterly returns created a need for professional and experienced tax agents and consultants who can be trusted by businesses to take charge of their overall tax matters including but not limited to the following:
VAT registration process.
Review of vatable activities and VAT returns filing.
Applications for VAT refunds.
Application for reconsiderations.
Filing of Voluntary Disclosures on behalf of the entity and consistent follow ups with FTA.
VAT related transactional advisory.
Luckily, Virtual Accountants LLC (VA) after feeling the above needs of the businesses in UAE, took an initiative to provide the solution via its specialized and well trained professionals and are providing all above services at very competitive rates to assist our clients in complex situations.