Special Audits

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A special audit is a well-defined audit which only focuses on a specific area of an organization's activities. Organizations do require professionals to audit a specific area subject to management concerns and expects the professionals to perform the service as per agreed scope decided at the start of the engagement. Special Audits has revealed important information on various occasions contrary to the departments understanding of everything going in the right directions. Special audits are conducted by individuals internal to the entity like employees specifically employed for the purpose and by external third parties as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).
At Virtual Accountants LLC (VA), our experts perform special audits at client’s request. Our methodology in delivering the assignment is as follows:
Agreeing the Terms of References (TOR’s) before inception of the contract and detailing in advance the following:
o Our scope and limitations.
o Managements responsibility.
o Auditors responsibility.
o Ethical standards to be followed.
o Audit deliverables.
o Timeline.
Acting with integrity and ensuring that all the international auditing standards covering our scope are complied with and matters affecting our independence are addressed before entering the engagement.